Why Know Your SEO Average Rank?

Knowing where and how the pages of your website are appearing in Google's search results may not seem important, however if you're keen on making the most of SEO with Google then knowing your rankings can help you understand where your website is performing well and where your opportunities are.

For example, if you're car garage and you see your average position for MOT related keywords is low compared to your keywords for car servicing, this can tell you that you need to think about the MOT related content that you have on your website and how you could improve this. Of course there's more to SEO than content (though content is very important) and you might want to think about some other opportunities to optimise too, such as new page titles, meta descriptions and adding internal links.

As you make changes to your website, you can then keep coming back to your average rank report in Google Search Console and monitor the data to see how the changes you're making are impacting your website's performance.

Average Rank in GSC vs Other Tools?

There are lots of tools on the web such as SEO PowerSuite that you can use to track your website ranking and if you have the budget to pay for these then that's great. But for many businesses just starting out with online retail, shelling out for these tools may not be worth it and that's where Google Search Console steps in.

The data in GSC is an average, so may not be as accurate as rank tracker such as those mentioned above, but GSC is a free tool that you can set up on your website, quickly and easily as we've covered before. It's a great starting point and you can always invest in other tools once your digital presence is growing.

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