Christmas is fast approaching and if you're selling online then you'll know that it's a key trading period in digital retail, however it's easy to think that you'll automatically get more traffic during the festive period. The reality is very different however and if you really want to outperform your competitors in the online space then you need to keep a close eye on what your users are looking for.

A key element of of being successful if by knowing what your potential customers are looking for, what search terms are they using and more importantly which ones are more than likely going to increase in use over the key Christmas period.

How can you know what users are going to be searching for though and how can this help you improve your website traffic? In todays Top Tips video we've taken a look at Google Trends and how you can use it to find out the search terms that your users might use. Once you know this you can then focus the content you create for your website around those terms and topics, helping you to attract the attention of your potential customers.

Don't forget to keep on top of things like your page titles and meta descriptions too though!

You can find all of our videos on our YouTube Channel (don't forget to like & subscribe) and they will also be posted to the website on a regular basis. We've kept them short to make them digestible and covered just the essentials you need to get going, we want you to get the most of out the platform rather than bamboozling you with detail.

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