Writing a great page title can make all the difference to your website SEO, but it's important to remember that it's not about stuffing keywords into the title any more. In this 90 Second Knowledge video I've taken a look at some key points you should consider in order to write a great page title.

How can it help your search engine optimisation? Well, think of your page title like an advert in search results when someone is search for a product or service. A well written page title will catch the eye of the user and encourage them to click on your result rather than your competitors.

These extra clicks are important, not just because you get more traffic, but websites in search results which get more clicks are seen as more relevant and can therefore be pushed up the results, getting more visibility and in turn even more clicks. It doesn't even take that long to write a good page title either, so take a few minutes to to one per day and before you know it all the page titles on your website will be completed.

You can find all of the SEO videos on our YouTube Channel (don't forget to like & subscribe) and they will also be posted to the website on a regular basis. We've kept them short to make them digestible and covered just the essentials you need to get going, we want you to get the most of out the platform rather than bamboozling you with detail.

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