For many entrepreneurs who have an ambition of setting up their own business, start up capital can be a real issue, so anything that can help reach a new audience for little or no money is welcome.

Setting up a business page for your business on Facebook is a quick and easy way to get your product or service out to market. This quick turnaround makes Facebook Business pages a firm favourite with cottage industries looking to get online quickly when even a small website can cost upwards of several hundereds of pounds for a basic offering.

While it's quick and easy to set up a basic presence for your business on Facebook, it's also important to remember that the content which you put on your Facebook page is what will sell your product. Your header image, regular posting and taking advantage of other features such as selling through Facebook will all help you to maximise your reach.

You can find all of our videos on our YouTube Channel (don't forget to like & subscribe) and they will also be posted to the website on a regular basis. We've kept them short to make them digestible and covered just the essentials you need to get going, we want you to get the most of out the platform rather than bamboozling you with detail.

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