From doing the basics to serious mechanics work such as changing an engine or gearbox, working in a garage without the right tools or garage equipment can be a real challenge. No matter if you've already got some garage tools and equipment or you're kitting out your workshop from scratch, there's a range of different kit that you can get for the garage.

From angle grinders to wheeled work benches, there's no right forumula for a garage workshop as we all take on different jobs, from makers building prototypes to the restoration of a classic car. To help you figure out what you should think about investing in here's a look at the key pieces of kit any workshop needs.

Tool storage chest/Storage boxes

This was the first piece of kit that I bought for my garage and it was a great investment, after all, if you look after your tools they'll look after you and the last thing you want is for all your tools to just be tossed in a corner. Not only will a tool chest help keep your hand tools safe, but it will also help you stay organised so you can get the tools you need, quickly and easily.

If you're looking for a solid tool chest for your workshop there are a few things that you need to look out for like ball bearing runners on the drawer so they can hold more weight and run smoothly. Lockable drawers are also handy, not only for security but they also keep the drawers in place if you need to move your tool chest. You may also want to look for foam linings in the drawers too, this not only helps to keep noise to a minimum, but will also help to keep your tools in place and protect them.

Workshop tool chest top picks

Click here to find our top 3 tool chest recommendations.


No workshop is complete without a workbench, not only do they offer a space for your tool storage chest but they can also be a great place to mount other equipment such as a vice, pillar drill or grinding wheel for working with materials.

Work benches come in all different shapes and sizes and will probably be one of the biggest pieces of equipment in your garage workshop. Getting the right size for you will be a compromise of the space you have available, what work you'll be doing and your budget.

Other features to look for are any shelves beneath the workbench work surface which could be used to store materials or large power tools and storage above for smaller items. The material used for the surface should also be a consideration, if you're planning any significant material work a more firm surface is a must.

Garage workbench ideas

Here's some great workbenches that would be right at home in your garage workshop.

Draper Steel Workbench

a blue draper garage work bench with single shelf and wooden worktop

Available in 1.2m or 1.8m widths

More details »

Sealey Industrial Workbench

an industrial workbench with rubust legs and solid top

1.5m - 2.1m wide

More details »

Beta C56M

beta c56m heavy duty workbench with 3 lockable drawers and shelf

Rugged & sturdy

More details »

Metal storage cabinets

Your workshop is home to to valuable equipment, tools, spare parts and more besides. Looking after your kit is important, from keeping the dust off to preventing theft and storing hazardous chemicals safely, a decent storage cabinet will help you keep everything in check.

The right garage storage cabinet might not come cheap though, with larger lockable cabinets costing north of £750 you want to be sure you're making the right choice.

Taking the time to this about what you need from a garage storage unit could save you a lot of hassle and cash in the long run. Metal garage storage cabinets aren't as basic as they used to be and many now come with various combinations for drawers, shelves and other accessories which could see you doubloing up on storage you don't need.

Metal workshop storage cabinets

You might need additional drawers, pegboards, storage for flammable materials or something to fit with an existing modular system, whatever your storage needs here are our top 3 recommendations:

Wall Mounting Tool Cabinet

red, steel tool storage cabinet which can be wall mounted

A great way to store hand tools

More details »

Sealey SC01

black metal 2 door floor standing garage storage cabinet

An affordable 2 door cabinet

More details »


a robust grey and blue industrial storage cabinet with locking door

An industrial 2 door cabinet

More details »

Garage/workshop shelving

When planning your garage workshop it's important not to forget the vertical space you have available to you. The walls of your garage or workshop space provide a great opportunity to store hand and power tools along with other equipment and accessories.

You don't have to be looking at heavy duty storage either, sometimes just getting the smaller bits out of the way can be a real help. Pegboards are a great idea here and can accommodate a range of tools and ancillaries with the various different drawers and clips which can be bought.

Of course if you're looking for more heavy duty storage, shelving and racking is your best friend with various options available.

Garage shelving recommendations

Here are our favourite workshop storage solutions:

Draper Steel Shelving Unit - MSU152

blue draper boltless garage workshop shelving unit

200kg total load

More details »

Sealey Corner Shelves - AP7150C

black sealey corner shelving unit

150kg total load

More details »

Sealey Pegboard - APSPB

sealey steel pegboard sheet

Adaptable shelving

More details »

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