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It's on! After a period away from the SG Petch Spring Championship in 2017, round 5 will see Dave return to Teesside.

Test done! What an awesome day and a step in the right direction.

Find out how my karting race day unfolded in round 1 of the 2017 SG Petch Sprint Championship.

Those who have been following my progress will know that I have been struggling to decide whether to enter the SG Petch Sprint Championship this year... Well...

With 2 rounds left of their season, Dave is excited to announce that he will be racing in both remaining rounds of the CovkartSport Championship.

While the SG Petch Sprint Championship might be over for another year, there are still lots of opportunities to go racing before the year is out.

So here we are, the end of the season which some will be glad to see the back of and others (like me) want to carry on... Either way the last round of the championship saw the lightweight rookies take it to the wire for 1st in the Championship.

With the 7 round SG Petch Championship reaching the last 2 rounds, find out who is in the hotseat at the sharp end of the points!

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